Presentations at the 2014 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Culture


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Eva Minerva 2014 Conference Overview


Welcome and overview of the conference by the chairmen

Dr. Susan Hazan and Dov Winer








Chair: Max Kaiser, RTD Director, National Austrian Library


Prof. Gabriel Motzkin, Director, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Pavel Katz, Chief Technology Officer,  Europeana


MORESHET the PMO program for recovery and empowerment of the national heritage of Israel


Reuven Pinsky *
, Head of the MORESHET Division, at the Prime Minister Office

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projects 2014 (Heb)
report 2014 (Heb)               

Practitioners and experts: the role of CIDOC in establishing effective communication – Keynote address


Nicolas Crofts,
Chair, CIDOC – Documentation - International Committee for Documentation,



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Digitisation of Culture: from Conference to Conference


Dov Winer
, Co-Chair EVA/Minerva 2014
Israel Minerva Forum


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Outline and structure of EVA/Minerva 2014


Dr. Susan Hazan,
Co-Chair EVA/Minerva 2014




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Main Features of the Museum National Portal


Ram Shimoni,
Department for Museums and Visual Arts at the Ministry of Culture and Sports Directorate for Culture


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Museum Track I

Dr. Anat Chen, Israel's National Museum Portal
Department for Museums and Visual Arts at the Directorate for Culture, Ministry of Culture and Sports

The Content Pyramid of the Museum in Digital Media (Hebrew)









Athena Plus Digital Storytelling: the MOVIO suite of tools


Maria Teresa Natale
, MiBAC, Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo, Italia 




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Virtual Exhibition of the Mantua Holy Ark



Dr. Andreina Contessa, U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art and Prof. Moshe Caine, Hadasah Academic College


The Museum Portal - looking forward (Hebrew)



Ram ShimoniMinistry of Culture and Sport, Directorate for Culture. The Department for Museums and Visual Arts


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Questions of content and exhibition in the Museum’s Portal (Hebrew)



Ronit Marco, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Directorate for Culture. The Department for Museums and Visual Arts


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The process of uploading items to the Museums Portal (Hebrew)


Mariane Aaron, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Directorate for Culture. The Department for Museums and Visual Arts 



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The portal as a platform to promote museums


Ronit Marco,
Ministry of Culture and Sport, Directorate for Culture. The Department for Museums and Visual Arts



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Museum Track II

Dr. Susan HazanCurator of New Media, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem 




Gathering the Voices: online oral testimony in Scotland


David Moffat, Glasgow Caledonian University



The Venice Time Machine



Prof.ssa Dorit Raines, Docente di Storia delle Biblioteche e della Documentazione, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia


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Enhancing exhibits: An evaluation of multimedia technology and serious games in museums



Regina Franken-Wendelstorf , Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

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Best Practice in Digital Humanities I
Organised by the World Union of Jewish Studies

Chair: Yaacov Deutsch,
Director, World Union of Jewish Studies

Kabbalah research: toward new digital perspectives



Yoed Kadary, Ben Gurion University

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Creating a Corpus of early Christian law: the Hidden - Law Database



Yifat Monnickendam, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Digital tools for Improving the Editions of Cryptic Scrolls from Qumran


Jonathan Ben-Dov, University of Haifa




Computer Science in the Service of the Humanities



Prof. Nachum Dershowitz, Tel Aviv University


Best Practice in Digital Humanities II
Organised by the World Union of Jewish Studies

Open Hebrew for the Digital Humanities (in Hebrew)


How to open a digital text



Sinai Rusinek, Polonsky Academy and DHIsrael


The Sefaria Project: An Online and Open-Source Library for the Jewish Canon


Lev Israel and Ephraim Damboritz, Sefaria

  Web site               
  Talmud/Tanach map

How can Open Data contribute to digital heritage? “Open Press” as a case study


Noam Castel and Ido Ivri
,  Public Knowledge Workshop


Europeana: Projects and Progress : a




EAGLE Workshop: The Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy 



Pietro Maria Liuzzo, University of Heidelberg 

The EAGLE BPN: Aggregating and Linking Structured Data


EAGLE Mediawiki



Cloud activities in Europeana



Pavel Kats , Chief Technology Officer, Europeana


Europeana Fashion


Marco Rendina, Coordinator,
Europeana FashionFondazione Rinascimento Digitale, Firenze  



Fashion Forward


Dr. Allison Kupietzky,
Head of the Information Center for Israeli Art and Collections Database Manager, The Israel Museum Jerusalem 


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DM2E – Digital Manuscripts to Europeana Semantic Annotation tools suite: PUNDIT workshop


Kristin Dill ,
Austrian National Library


Judaica Europeana


Chair: Prof. Martin Golumbic, Director, Caesarea Rothschild Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science (CRI), University of Haifa 




Gesher L'Europa – a bridge to Europe Making the National Library's resources accessible to new communities of users in Europe


Caron Sethill, NLI Programme Coordinator - Europe



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Towards a crowd sourcing conceptualization of preserving Jewish Heritage



Jack Gottlieb, Founder, World Jewish Heritage



DM2E :          Jewish Studies knowledge grid in the Linked Open Data Cloud: latest Judaica Europeana developments


Dov Winer, Scientific Manager,
Judaica Europeana 

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Judaica Harvard International


Chair, Violet Radnofsky
, Littauer Hebraica Technical and Research Services Librarian, Judaica Division Harvard Library Harvard University Cambridge MA USAý



The Israeli Cartoon Museum



Galit Gaon, Chief Curator and Hila Zahavi, Collections Curator, The Israeli Cartoon Museum, Holon



Salvaging small precious collections in Israel



Yoram Shamir, Independent Curator 

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captions      notes

International Collaborations in Preserving Visual Art


Tel Aviv Dantec Ltd. Jerusalem 

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Digital Creativity: Enhancement in Preservation of Tangible Heritage

Chair, Anna Lobovikov-Katz, Head,
 ELAICH Project, EuroMed Heritage 4 Programme -  Head, Technion research team, EU-CHIC Project 
Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology





The Antiquities Authority and the application of advanced (digital) technologies: some case studies 



Arch. Raanan Kislev, Director of the Conservation Department, Antiquities Authority

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Mobile, cross-platform, life-size animated virtual characters in indoors and outdoors AR heritage sites for high-fidelity presence and interaction 



George Papagiannakis, Department of Computer Science, University of Crete, Leoforos Knossou, Crete, Greece

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Reaching out- Enhancing the visitor experience in heritage sites


Arch. Leora Berry, Director of the Tangible Heritage Unit, The Heritage Programme at the Prime Minister's Office


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Furthering conservation through gameplay


Elizabeth Goins, Christopher Egert, Andrew Phelps

The RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity (MAGIC) 


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Creativity, Education and Scientix

Chair: Roni Dayan, Director, Division for Computer Applications in Education, and Ronit Maor, Coordinator of Collaborative Learning, Administration for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education


Europeana Creative



Max Kaiser, Coordinator Europeana Creative, RTD Director National Library of Austria




Scientix, the Community of Science Education in Europe and EUN European Schoolnet Projects



Dov Winer, Scientix NCP for Israel, MAKASH, Advancing ICT Applications in Education, Culture and Science



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Collaborative Learning: The other is me - Telematic Treasure Hunt at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem



Dr. Susan Hazan, Curator of New Media,
 The Israel Museum, Jerusalem



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Etty Rosen, Regional ICT Instructor,

Manhi  (Jerusalem Municipality), Ministry of Education



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catalog           edu. week



Digital Creativity: Digital Libraries - Linked Open Data (LOD) ... what comes next



Transformation of Digital Libraries in Libraries: (Opening remarks)


Ora Zehavi, The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library at the University of Haifa


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Israeli bibliographic data and the international scene


Prof. Elhanan Adler

National Library of Israel and David Yellin College



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Discovery Tools in Academic Libraries: why, what and how?


Edith Falk

Chief Librarian, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hebrew University Libraries Authority



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Digital Creativity



Digital creativity and culture in local London and beyond: from artists and designers to public broadcasting and live theatre event cinema



James R Hemsley, Lizzie Jackson and Nick Lambert




Decadent myths in a digital era : from Pompei to Judea


Martha Vassiliadi, Assistant Professor , Aristotle University, Greece


abstract      pdf




Professional Networking Sessions






HC Editions Studio



World Union of Jewish Studies


Israel Genealogy Research Association





* Reuven Pinsky was unable to attend due to an unexpected last minute budget meeting at the Ministry of Finance